Cloud Infrastructure Redesign for Online Mortgage Broker

Executive Summary

Hypofriend is an independent mortgage broker certified and supervised by the financial regulatory authority in Germany. Working together with over 750 partner banks makes it possible to find the optimal mortgage for their customers.

Advascale designed a comprehensive, scalable AWS environment to support its platform, which helped the company to optimize its cloud architecture, reduce cloud costs and ensure smart growth in the cloud.

Customer Challenge

During the brief audit, Advascale identified heavy use of CloudFront Invalidations, caused by incorrect CI/CD configuration. An existing CI/CD pipeline was invalidating the whole cache from CDN every new deployment. Since modern front-end frameworks are changing the filenames for every new build means you don’t need to invalidate all the files, but only index.html.

One more thing to optimize was setting the right Expires Headers for content that does not change often. Without appropriate Expires settings, the CDN requested the file every time it gets a request.

The main issue was that if an incorrect CI/CD configuration is not addressed, this could affect the cost growth even more due to the front-end volume.

To help Hypofriend overcome these extremely high bills, and to gain an easy and predictable CI/CD process, Advascale was brought in to redesign the architecture on AWS.

“Our AWS cloud infrastructure was not configured properly. Advascale redesigned it and we got the right set up. Cost reduction is significant.”

Pavel Jurasek, Founder & CTO, Hypofriend

Advascale Solution

Advascale believed several strategic CloudFront updates and additional infrastructure corrections would be tremendously valuable for Hypofriend across cost optimization and performance efficiency in general.
A more detailed audit made it possible to combine workload performance metrics with expenses and capacity utilization to provide backed by data insights and arguments propositions. Improvements that were realized:

  • CloudFront. Changed CI/CD flow for distribution.
  • EC2 Container Registry. Configured lifecycles policies to leave five images versioned repositories.
  • Elastic Compute Cloud. Two NAT Gateways were replaced with three t3.micro/t3a.micro. JumpHost removed, Elastic IP reused for Nat Instance. Decreased instance sizes and moved to spot or reserved instances. Volumes and snapshots were cleaned.
  • Elastic Load Balancing. Load balancers merged into one application load-balancer.
  • ElastiCache. Set lower instance sizes and reservations.
  • Relational Database Service. Instances generation changed and reservation was made.

Results and Benefits

Correcting CI/CD, and also, thanks to the competent reservation policy for EC2 and RDS and the removal of unused resources, it was possible to reduce costs by almost half, in terms of monthly billable expenses.

The properly configured CloudFront Invalidation ensured both cost reduction and faster deployment, meaning more efficient cloud resource usage. Mitigation of expenses provided by Advascale ensures that you get the highest value out of every dollar spent in the cloud.

Overall, Hypofriend was able to reduce cloud expenditures by 45%. In addition, Hypofriend can easily incorporate future cloud advances into its IT infrastructure and innovate at will in extreamly competitive industry.