An Infrastructure for a Proprietary Financial Application

Executive Summary

Boiler Central is an established online boiler installation company in the UK. For providing a more comprehensive range of services, including buying a boiler on finance, Boiler Central asked Advascale to help them to turn in a new financial technology direction and provide a proper IT Infrastructure.

Advascale has upgraded the infrastructure for partnering with banks’ applications and ensured a dynamic environment for testing and staging, and an isolated production.

Customer Challenge

Boiler Central used a broker service - a platform - a digital point-of-sale financing provider that connected consumers, merchants, and lenders for providing boilers on finance. The company’s management decided to launch Boiler finance to provide an independent service - an online quotation with choosing a finance option on their website. The main goal was to establish their connectivity to the banks.

The business challenge was to have a solution that incorporates the possibility to have real-time data from all lenders along with consideration of the security and financial data processing regulatory standards. Therefore, in this particular case reliability and flexibility were of high importance.

“We were advised of Advascale as a great professional who had successfully delivered several similar projects.

We a delighted with the customer service they provided. They are consistent, reliable, and strong partners. That is one of the main reasons why I would very likely recommend Advascale.”

James Elston, Director, BoilerCentral

Advascale Solution

Advascale implemented an infrastructure in AWS for intelligent finance applications based on the Yii2 PHP framework.

The Advascale Team redesigned the entire infrastructure – implemented IaC Approach - all AWS Resource Configuration in Terraform.

The solution offered by Advascale also incorporates deploying the application environment across two VPCs. One for production, another for development + staging application stack.

The application, which consists of two parts, “cms”, and “api”, was deployed in the Kubernetes cluster. HA and Multi-AZ support will be enabled only for the production environment. CI/CD - bitbucket pipelines, with the possibility of running ad hoc commands for the dev team.

Additionally deployed EFK server - Elasticsearch/Fluentd/Kibana

With multiple replications of services, ultimate security, and a redundancy of resources Advascale provided high reliability with the lowest downtime threat. This is very important for any digital finance broker as security comes first.

Results and Benefits

We created a dynamic environment for working with test branches and a staging environment. The production version of the application is isolated and runs in a separate cluster; we implemented monitoring and logging. The application is deployed in a Kubernetes cluster, and an unlimited number of test environments and staging were provided, along with a separate cluster for production.

By setting up the scalability we make the cloud more efficient: ensuring the maximum available power with an increased load, and more economical even at minimum traffic. Ultimately, the client received the most flexible development environment and fault-tolerant production.

Boiler finance is launched and allows to compare finance simply get a boiler quote online now in under 20 seconds.